CFD Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) considers the numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer processes. The purpose of CFD when applied to buildings is to provide the designer with a tool that enables them to gain greater comprehension of the probable air flow and heat transfer processes, occurring within and around building spaces, given specified boundary conditions which may include the effects of climate, internal energy sources and HVAC systems.

We are experienced in modelling various building types/spaces to help define ventilation parameters and show the effects of heat gains within a space. We can assist with analysing ventilation strategies for Data Centres, Swimming Pools, Atria and Industrial Process buildings with specific, bespoke design complexities.

We have worked on new-build projects to define ventilation rates, grille positions and types, and cooling loads. We have also worked on refurbishment projects to analyse the most economic and practicable method to resolve problem 'Hot Spots' in existing buildings.