Ecological Studies

An Ecological study is essential for any new development to ensure that the ecological value of the site is not diminished as a result of the construction works.

Often a Phase 1 habitat or extended habitat survey is required for planning on building developments. In addition to this a BREEAM or Code ecological assessment will consider the ecological value of a site prior to development and compare it against the proposed landscape design and award credits accordingly, but it is also good practise to consider the ecology of a site whether a BREEAM / Code assessment is required or not.

Where an ecologist is involved at an early stage in a development being assessed under BREEAM, the study can be used as a basis for assessment of credit availability. The study will define the credits achieved on the basis of the sustainability of the developments design, which includes ecological considerations such as site selection, habitat creation and the selection of plant species for inclusion in the landscape scheme.

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