Sound Testing and Consultancy

All our sound insulation testing is carried out by ANC (Association of Noise Consultants) accredited test engineers using the methodology as stipulated with in Building Regulations Approved Document Part E.

Results are presented in a report together with ANC certificates which are accepted by Building Control and other interested parties.

Acoustic testing, also referred to as sound insulation testing, is the measurement of sound through separating walls or floors either between dwellings or with separating walls or floors to commercial use properties.

Current guidance outlines that 10% of each party wall and floor construction type should be tested. All tests are at the Building Inspectors discretion. Failure in the test will result in the sound insulation needing to be improved and the construction type re-tested. We therefore recommend acoustic advice is sought in the early stages of a development.

In addition to Part E, sound testing is a requirement of the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM assessment.

What we do

A controlled noise at various frequencies is made on one side of the separating wall or floor and sound that passes through to the other side is measured, thus it can be determined how much sound is insulated and absorbed by the structure and how much is transferred to the adjacent room through either impact or airbourne noise.

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